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chicken fingers become cassoulet as the kids grow up She appeared in films such as Steel Jungle, Mohawk, and Gunslinger (all 1956), but a fall wholesale jerseys from China a horse during the filming of the latter left Hayes with a broken arm and unable to work. After she recovered she began appearing in supporting roles in television productions.[citation needed]In 1958, she played in several B movies, including Wolf Dog, shot in Canada, wholesale football jerseys as well as taking the lead role in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, where she plays the part of an abused socialite who grows to giant size because of an alien encounter.

In this film, she starred with Yvette Vickers and William Hudson, wholesale jerseys free shipping from China and it is probably her best known role.[4] With its science fiction storyline and low budget, the film attained popularity with some movie fans, and in the subsequent years has attracted a cult film following based primarily on Hayes spending almost all the time she's enlarged calling for "Harry!" as she angrily searches for her philandering husband.