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andrew syracuse ol48 og toon It happened on: Jan. 19 A devastating story, one I found myself thinking about this holiday season. It was a year ago that Omogbo, a Nigerian born player who's now a senior at Colorado State, wholesale baseball jerseys free shipping was celebrating Christmas with his family. "I don't think I can remember not being completely exhausted on watch, be it the middle of the day or the seven to forever," says August Sorvillo, a former Navy quartermaster who helped his ships navigate all manners of challenging channels and anchorages.

"It's safe to say I've bought enough Red Bull, Monster, and Rip Its that I could [have made] a sizable down payment on a house."Lori Schulze Buresh, a former surface warfare officer, still cringes thinking about the deployment where she stood the Navy's notorious "five and dime" watches: five hours on, wholesale hockey jerseys China 10 off, then repeat no matter what time of day or night."The hardest part is being awake at some point every night and still doing a job all day," she says.

"It is hard on a body and hard on the mind."After four different groundings and collisions in less than a year in its Japan based 7th Fleet including the crashes of the advanced guided missile destroyers USS Fitzgerald and USS McCain this summer, leaving 17 sailors dead or missing the Navy is cleaning house and doing some soul searching.Many current and former sailors have a suggestion for cheap mlb jerseys free shipping the Navy: Let your crews sleep more.It's not a new refrain: Sleep deprivation, cheap football jerseys from China long a fixture in all the military services, is accepted by most sailors as a way of life, made slightly more bearable by strong coffee, midrats, and SWOnuts.